“Sharen Wilson is the best DA in Texas, and I’m proud to endorse her for reelection. Her commitment to upholding the law and keeping criminals off the streets has helped make Tarrant County a better place to live and work.”
— Ron Wright, former Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector

“I’m honored to support Sharen Wilson for reelection. Her commitment to law and justice has made the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office one of the most effective in the state.”
— Andy Nguyen, Tarrant County Commissioner

“Sharen Wilson has been a huge asset to Tarrant County. Her efforts and initiatives have made her one of the strongest District Attorneys in Texas.”
— Representative Stephanie Klick

“Sharen has done an outstanding job as District Attorney. Because of her leadership, the DA’s office is more efficient, effective, and accessible than it has ever been. I’m proud to support her for reelection.”
— Representative Craig Goldman

“Sharen Wilson came into office promising to be tough on law breakers and hard-nosed on her budget. She has exceeded expectations in both and our county is better for it. That’s why I am delighted to support her once again in her re-election campaign for Tarrant County District Attorney.”
— Representative Matt Krause

“Sharen Wilson is a great District Attorney. Her commitment to fiscal conservatism has allowed her to implement one of the most effective and efficient programs in the state, while consistently coming in under budget. I’m proud to support her for reelection.”
— Representative Jonathan Stickland

“I am honored to support Sharen Wilson for reelection. She has done an exceptional job of managing the DA’s office and expanding their operations to include critical issues such as intimate partner violence, elder financial abuse, and conviction integrity.”
— Constable David Woodruff

“As DA for the last three years, Sharen Wilson has made remarkable changes & additions to our Tarrant County District Attorney ‘s office. Personnel, task forces, prosecutions and community inner action have turned this position into a quality working machine where everybody wins. Thank you, Sharen, you have earned our respect & support in the upcoming elections.”
— Carol Coy, Precinct Chair 3509

“Sharon Wilson has a long record of public service in Tarrant County, stretching back for years prior to becoming District Attorney. With her experience as a district judge, she “hit the ground running” when she became “D.A.”, and she has worked hard and effectively since then. We should retain her in office. I endorse her candidacy for re~election.”
— Skip Reynolds, Precinct Chair 3330

“Sharen Wilson is the best DA Tarrant County has ever had! She is innovative and thorough and these are qualities needed for a successful office. Sharen Wilson is also a woman of integrity and character which is also important qualities displayed in her position as TC District Attorney. I am honored to endorse Sharen Wilson to be re-elected to TC DA!”
— Shanda Perkins

“Sharon Wilson, Tarrant County District Attorney, has transformed the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office. I have witnessed her being tough on crime, but I think more importantly she has established accountability at all levels. Sharon Wilson is honest, and she cares for victims of crime, and that resonates through the culture and best practices within the District Attorney’s Office.”
— David Griffin

Sheriff Bill Waybourn

Constable Clint Burgess

Constable Dale Clark

Constable Darrell Huffman

Constable Jody Johnson

Constable Jon Siegel

Constable David Woodruff

Representative Stephanie Klick, District 91

Representative Jonathan Stickland, District 92

Representative Matt Krause, District 93

Representative Tony Tinderholt, District 94

Representative Bill Zedler, District 96

Representative Craig Goldman, District 97

Representative Giovanni Capriglione, District 98

The Honorable Ron Wright, former Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector

The Honorable Glen Whitley, County Judge

The Honorable Andy Nguyen, County Commissioner, Precinct 2

The Honorable Gary Fickes, County Commissioner, Precinct 3

The Honorable J.D. Johnson, County Commissioner, Precinct 4

The Honorable Pat Hardy, State Board of Education District 11

Mayor Oscar Trevino, North Richland Hills

Mayor Pat McGrail, Keller

Roger Fisher, Mayor Pro Tem, Bedford

Jungus Jordan, Fort Worth City Councilman, District 6

Dennis Shingleton, Fort Worth City Councilman, District 7

Nancy Coplen, Colleyville City Councilwoman, Place 5

Kathryn Wilemon, Arlington City Councilwoman, District 4

Tito Rodriguez, North Richland Hills City Councilman, Place 1

Raul Gonzalez, President, Mansfield ISD School Board

David Halvorson, SREC Senate District 12

Jim Borchert, Precinct Chair 1012

Jennifer Halpenny, Precinct Chair 1015

Gabriel Valdez, Precinct Chair 1074

Ruben Jiminez, Precinct Chair 1094

Peggy Thomas, Precinct Chair 1165

Becky Britton, Precinct Chair 1207

Hon. Dan Tully, Precinct Chair 1208

David Lambertsen, Precinct Chair 1227

Milton Gutierrez, Precinct Chair 1251

Dan Katra, Precinct Chair 1257

Adrian Murray, Precinct Chair 1277

Chip Pierce, Precinct Chair 1300

Kelley Roberson, Precinct Chair 1347

Jeff Craig, Precinct Chair 1348

Lowell Curtis, Precinct Chair 1352

John Dotson, Precinct Chair 1377

Kent Kallmeyer, Precinct Chair 1378

Kelly Canon, Precinct Chair 2003

Mark R. Hanson, Precinct Chair 2055

Brenda Dietrich, Precinct Chair 2145

Melba McDow, Precinct Chair 2219

Bill Perdue, Precinct Chair 2355

Sherri Heinzman, Precinct Chair 2360

Jonathan Silva, Precinct Chair 2379

Vic Travis, Precinct Chair 2484

Warren Norred, Precinct Chair 2535

Craig Ownby, Precinct Chair 2613

James Trimm, Precinct Chair 3176

Janna Easton, Precinct Chair 3212

Rick Roberts, Precinct Chair 3287

Skip Reynolds, Precinct Chair 3330

James Ashby, Precinct Chair 3335

Vandolyn Roszell, Precinct Chair 3392

Chuck Mogged, Precinct Chair 3421

Carey Page, Precinct Chair 3502

Carol Coy, Precinct Chair 3509

Mary Childs, Precinct Chair 3527

Georgia Stapleton, Precinct Chair 4070

Russ Handley, Precinct Chair 4086

Jimmie Walker, Precinct Chair 4102

Jennifer Hall, Precinct Chair 4124

Stephanie Busby, Precinct Chair 4256

Robert Grace, Precinct Chair 4498

Andra Beatty, Precinct Chair 4508

Alice Moore

Amanda Delagrange

Amy Bearden & Steve Bradbury

Andy Platt

Ann Ditto

Pat and Arch Van Meter

Barbara Thompson

Barbara Thomsen

Barbara Turner

Barbara Williams

Bettye Rodgers

Bill and Jane Burch

Bill Lane

Bill Tailor

Blythe Murphy-Reaves

Bob Norcross

Byron BavousettBrenna Loyd

Cami Gildner

Carlos Puente

Carol and Bill Daley

Carol and Charley McCluer

Carol Hendrix

Carol Kallmeyer

Carol Siegel

Carol Vanover

Cary Moon

Chad and Rebecca Berry

Charna Blumberg

Cheryl & Dewey Isom

Chris Grasher

Christene Moss

Christine Atwell

Chuck Nixon

Clay Taylor

Connie Blake

Connie Williams

Cortney Gumbleton

Cory and Richelle Smithee

Craig and Ellen Schaefer

Craig Murphy

Cynthia Ware

Dan Blumberg

Dan Steppick

Darl Easton

Darrell Copen

Dave Gebhart

David and Rose Whitington

David and Sally Beyer

David Griffin

David Wyman

Debbie Friemel

Debra & Mike Windsor

Debra Coffey

Debra Myers

Deborah Grimes

Don Kallmeyer

Donald Pilliod

Donald Wade Jones

Donna Cline

Donna Hancock

Dr. Bill and Patricia Skinner

Dr. Harold Rumzek

Dr. Lynn Breaux

Dr. Talaun Simmons

Dr. Thomas Purgason

Dunie Admire

Dwayne Stovall

Edwin T. Lee

Eleanor Case

Elizabeth Bunge

Eric Beal

Ernie and Patti Silva

Ezio Leite

Francine DeLongchamp

Frank Shiels

G. Keith Roberts

Gary Havener

Gary Skrehart

Gary Smart

George Dodson

George Staples

Gerrit K. Spieker

Gilbert Cipriano

Greg Shannon

Greg Sut

Gregg Heinzman

Gretchen Underwood

Hassan Halaby

Hector Casanova

Herman Liu

Hon. Barbara Nash

Hon. Wayne Ogle

Humayun Jaura

Ian MacLean

Jack Lewis

Jamal Qaddura

James Brittain

Jan Curry

Jana Ladd

Janelle Kavanaugh

Janice Breitenstine

Jason Charbonnet

Jeanne Paull-Turner

Jennifer Frank

Jerry Robbins

Jesse Sowell

Jesse Taylor

Jim & Charla Moore

Jim Pitts

Jim & Mollie Renworth

Jim Ross

Jo Lynn Haussmann

Joan Whitley

JoAnn Georgostathis

John Allen Chalk, Sr.

John Anthony Castro

John Knight

John MacLean

John Miller

John Sheppard

John White

Jon & Gretchen Underwood

Joy Paprskar

Judith Carrier

Judy Laing

Judy Strzinek

Julie Dean

Karen Jasper

Karen Thompson

Katie Carr Rae

Katie Heflin

Kelly Curnutt

Kevin Queenan

Kim Itzla

Kolene Dean

Kurt Betzel

Kyle Parks

Kyleen Wright

Lance Rodman

Landie Heineman

Larry Ahlers

Larry Anfin

Larry Walls

Larue Walker

Laura Foran

Laurie Cristy

Leanne Ivey

Lee Jackson

Leslie Johns

Linda Browne

Linda Gunter

Linda Haddox South

Linda Renfro

Lisa Hoppes

Lisa Jamieson

Lois Kapp

Lowell Stivinson

Lucy Brants

Manny Reyes

Marc Shimmick

Marcia Lane

Maria Moore Patterson

Maria Ortuno

Mariel Estrada

Marilyn Jones

Marilyn Van Hoozer

Mark Nurdin

Mark Williams

Marla Ray

Marti VanRavenswaay-Waddell

Mary Frances Page

Mary Gosselin

Mary Grace Thoennes

Mary Runyan

Mary Thornton

Mary Virginia Campbell

Mayor Laura Wheat, City of Westlake

Michael Broom

Michael Pasquale

Michele Purgason

Molly Maddux

Nancy Adler

Neal Maranto

P. Michael Schneider

Pamela Fernandez

Pat Conner

Patricia Guier

Patrick Reardon

Patsy Berry

Paul Lager

Peggy Borchert

Peggy Leitch

Ralph Brotherton

Randall Shiflet

Renny Rosas

Rev. Ralph Emerson

Rey Moreno

Riaz Haider

Ric Clark

Richard Garnett

Richard Gasser

Rick Dalton

Rob Rutherford

Robert “Bob” Haslam

Robert Snoke

Robert Wright

Roger Wood

Roger Yandell

Roman Figueroa

Ron Ford

Ronnie Stapleton

Rose Anna Salinas

Russell Gardner

Sabreena Hakemy

Sally & Chet McKeen

Sally Sutton

Samuel Haber

Sarah Grace

Shanda Perkins

Sharon Dale

Shelby Sullivan

Sheri Swaine

Sherri Olsen

Sherry Branch

Shirlee Wilkinson

Spencer Cohen

Stan Wright

Stella Jiminez

Stephanie Foster

Steve Eklund

Steve Laird

Steven Shosid

Susan Budvitis

Susanne Avondet

Suzanne & Bill de Decker

Suzanne Kelley

Sylvia Mahoney

Tammy Wanzor

Teresa Rutherford

Teri Brewer

Terri Wolfe

Terry Haney

The Honorable Vicki Truitt

Tito Rodriguez

Tom Cravens

Tracey Killion

Tracey Kirk

Tracy Rector

Trent Loftin

Treva Jackson

Troy Daniels

Vance Martin

Vanessa Mason

Virginia Hoft

Wendy Burgess

William Blankenship

Zachary Cate

Zem Neill