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District Attorney Sharen WilsonSharen Wilson was elected District Attorney in 2014, becoming the first woman to hold the office and the 14th DA in the history of Tarrant County. Upon taking office, Sharen immediately went to work restoring confidence in the department, strengthening community relationships, and ensuring both criminals and their victims are brought the justice they deserve. Committed to transparency and accountability, Sharen has revitalized the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office into a model for the state in just four years.

Once known as “the toughest Judge in Tarrant County,” Sharen sentenced many of the most dangerous criminals in North Texas. As our DA, she has built upon her excellent reputation. She has successfully targeted intimate partner violence, exploitation of our senior citizens, gang violence, financial fraud, and other crimes that threaten our rights to peace, safety, and property. At the same time, she is ensuring the utmost accountability of those prosecutions by spearheading the first Conviction Integrity Unit in the county’s history.

A fiscal conservative, as a District Judge, Sharen had the lowest spending of any Tarrant District Court, while maintaining high productivity. Now as our Tarrant County District Attorney, she continues to save taxpayer funds through responsible management.

Sharen has been a lifelong advocate for victims of crime and equal justice for all. As a law professor, she worked to pass her victims-first mentality onto the upcoming generation of attorneys. While Judge, Wilson was honored with the National Association of Counties Achievement Award (2007).

Sharen Wilson is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She and her husband, John, have four grown children and nine grandchildren.